Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Westward Ho

NEW MEXICO/ TEXAS STATE LINE, N.M. - -- Briefly since we haven't had a signal lately but since we are at a rest stop as we enter New Mexico ....
We left Monday afternoon from Mom's house in Alabama, drove to New Orleans (more on that later), drove through the night and on to Cooper River State Park near Quana, Texas, and have had a great time thus far.
This is Heather for a minute... I have had many firsts over the last 2 days... We have seen ostrage and camel. I have seen wild cactus (and thanks to my wonderfully adventurous husband, even eaten the fruit off of one! It was very yummy, but we both had some of those stickers that are so soft you can't pull them out stuck to our lips and I even managed to get one in the inside of my cheek... :) I even saw my first tumbleweed! :) Just passed Amarillo ,TX, we saw a field full of those enormous wind turbines. I tried to take a few pics - but they were about 2 to 3 miles away, so we'll see how they come out. But they were truly amazing to see! I was amazed at just how huge they were (I know, I shouldn't have been... We were in TX after all and everything is bigger in TX... :)  

And back to Lyn, we'll write more when we aren't standing out on the road somewhere, Adios, for now.

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