Thursday, August 07, 2008

A little din-din at the best little eatery

FULL BELLY DELI, N.M. -- We have just sit down for a bite to eat and a little coffee at a little spot that offers high speed internet, wasabi mayonaise on veggie sandwiches and great coffee too.

Monday night we arrived in New Orleans to some terrifying sights left from Katrina, and while Tropical Storm whats-his-name was bearing down on the Gulf Coast. We had a great walk down the river walk and through out the French Quarter, where we ate at Carmelo Ristorante ... we will never eat Italian anywhere else again. We had a simple supper of brishetto, salad and Liam and I split a Tuscany seafood soup chock full of squid, scallops, shrimp and mussles - Delicious!!!

We then went on to Lafayette, La., where we were planning to stop, but after a minor accident with a curb which required the assistance of some locals to get back on our way, we decided to skip the sleep and try to beat the downpour from the tropical storm. Liam and Heather got some shut eye while I took us to the north side of Houston, where I got a few hours of sleep as well. We left Houston in the early morning as the tropical storm was catching up with us and made it to Dallas by lunch where we got to see Uncle Jim while he is working on an exciting new project.

We made it to Cooper River State Park near Quana, Texas and had a great time wading through knee deep mud and watching the wildlife. We had a close encounter with some wiley raccoons, and had coyotes, wild boar and some hawks singing to us all night. I was up early as the last boar was heading into the brush but we found big cat and coyote tracks all around the boar tracks.

Heather got to see her first wild cactus, which we also ate - how's that for keeping travel expenses down, saw her first road runner, camels, ostriches, tumbleweeds and and a whole bunch of eagles.

Yesterday, we were on our way through the mountains, and after replacing tires and replenishing supplies, we arrived at the Storrie Lake campsite last night. Today, we are on our way through the mountains, nearing Taos now, so stay tuned for more stories later.

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