Friday, August 22, 2008

Heading Northbound ... and a little extra news

DEL RIO, Calif. --- A call of coffee, toilets and free wi-fi beckoned us off of Hwy 101, shortly after leaving our coastal California dream land for the land of big Redwoods, so I thought to take time and give the update. 

There are two rules in this modern age of blogging across America's campgrounds - never pass up a shower because you never know when you'll get your next. The second, is never pass up wi-fi.

The California coast has been a dream, and other than the deplorable commercialization of the Redwoods, they have been magnificent. We are going to be stopping for the night somewhere shortly after Eureka, then on through the Redwood Forest into Oregon tomorrow, then hopefully at cousin Joey's the next day.

As for the other thing, there is another baby on board this amazing journey of ours who should be joining us mid-April! We're thinking Chava Tzion or Hamish Yohannan, but then again, we've got a few months to dream upon it. 

PS --- Kayaks make good baby gifts.


Anonymous said...

Many congratulations to you and your family. I love reading the blogs as you post them and track your journeys both physical and spiritual. Much love to you and maybe one day when you get back to Bama we can meet for lunch.

Kat said...

Congratulations!!! I was wondering honestly...some of the pics of your lovely wife had her glowing :) YEA!! I am so happy for you!! When you come through MD again spare an hour or so for me so H can look through some stuff for the babe so I can mail it you by April (some of which belongs to y'all anyways I think.)

YEA! Thank you for sharing such wonderful news and keep enjoying this adventure you are having! I love reading the blog and getting the updates!