Saturday, August 23, 2008


HWY 101, Ore. --- Brendan's Isle voyaged into the Brewed Awakening Coffee Shop this evening for a bite of food and some brews before heading up to Coos Bay for the night.

The Oregon and California coasts have been absolutely amazing, but we have to pull a long day of driving tomorrow so we can reach Lacey, Wash., by tomorrow night, so we can drop our car off to be repaired on Monday.

Last night we camped at Patrick's Point Park in California and then hiked through Wedding Rock, Mussle Rock and then on up the road to Fern Canyon - by far one of the most amazing journeys we have gone on during this trip.

We'll have photos downloaded in a couple of days, so everyone can enjoy the sights. Hopefully, though we are looking forward to staying with Joey and Sarah for a few days, we are hoping for a quick turn around on the car so we can get back on our way to Alabama in time for Cousin Sharon's wedding.

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