Sunday, August 24, 2008

A home for a while

LACEY, Wash. --- Brendan's Isle made a landing this a.m., at the home of Cousin Joey and Sarah where we will be residing until our transpo is up and running again. 

It was really sad today as I began removing everything from the VUE so it can be repaired, when I realized just how dirty our car has gotten over the past 7,500 miles or so. There are muddy shoe prints on top of layers of dust on top of chocolate milk and Goldfish crumbs, but in an effort to clean things up, we managed to spill an entire bottle of laundry soap in the back. Needless to say, its going to be an adventure to clean it out when we arrive back home.

Realizing our destination to Cousin Sharon's wedding might have to change since its not likely that the repairs will be able to be completed in time for us to make the run back to Alabama, we have started plotting a more northernly route home, with the plans to spend a longer amount of time with Mamma Bell at Thanksgiving, rather than a 3 -4 day turn around if we got back in time for the wedding. We'll see what the body repairmen say about our near future plans tomorrow.

Moxy the dog and Liam are getting along smashingly well, and Joey and Sarah are taking us to a farmers market this afternoon, so stay tuned for Seattle based adventures and don't forget the photos at the picasaweb address from a few posts ago. I'll be adding more to that this p.m.


theresia richardson said...

Hi guys!!! It's been a really long time. I am enjoying seeing Liam grow. Well, Virgil and I are living in Seattle, WA right now. I saw that you are in Lacey for a while and thought I'd leave a comment to see if you'd like to get together some time while you are in the area. Let me know.
Theresia Richardson~

Mia said...

Hope you all are still doing well. It was good talking to you the other day. Hope to see you soon and do some more catching up!