Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving In

So we are 3 weeks in the house, with the wall-to-wall carpeting up, which was on top of 60+ year old lenolium on top of ancient subflooring, secured with pounds of nails, and beneath it all were some well worn, but character-infused wood floors. We've also started stripping the ancient varnish off the woodwork ... and within prepping the house for the big move-in, we discovered some leaky pipes.

And now, two toilets, a faucet and a new main sewer line later, and some great friends, we are living in the house for 5 days now!

Hopefully photos will be coming soon!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Loving the backyard

The kids found an old Adarondack chair in the backyard. Today, I put out some squirrel feed with Liam ... Norá went out and feasted on it.

A view from the 1/3 acre backyard

The backyard comes complete with a cherry tree, apple tree, pear tree and blackberry bushes among others.

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Our New Front Porch

Static Nomadics are we

Our years of wandering have come to a close as we have invested ourselves in a grand classic 1923 precast stone house in the Northeastern Baltimore neighborhood of Frankford. Its going to take time to make return it to its original beauty, but oh what a beauty it is!