Sunday, August 31, 2008


OLYMPIA, Wash. --- Brendan's Isle traveled to Washington State's capital city for Harbor Fest today, walking the boardwalk to see the tall ships, picking through the farmers market and some vendor booths to pick up a few new items for the closet. Heather found a few new headscarves and a hat for Liam at a vintage clothing store, then a shirt and skirt for fair, and I found a great new hooded, poet shirt as well.

We had a great day out with Heather's Cousin Joey and Sarah and got to see an amazing new band - The Blackberry Bushes String Band - who were the featured local entertainment. The have a self-named website with some great links to their music.

Tomorrow, we head down south to my Cousin Sherrie and Jimmy's house for a few days, a bit of camping around Mount St. Helen and Mount Rainer, then hopefully picking up the new improved VUE and heading east on I-90 toward Maryland's Renaissance Festival, the Beleck House, Meaghan and Eddie, The Rogues and the rest of our family.

We'll try to keep everyone posted along the last few days of this journey, but that depends greatly on how well AT&T decided to keep us hooked up.

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