Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some books for our travels

BAY MINETTE, Ala. --- We brought a library with us for this trip. 
I am researching many elements of the first seven days for an art exhibit and essay series I am working toward so I have my Strong's Bible Concordance, Tanach, and Greek/English Literal Translation New Testament.
We also have Rob Bell's SEXGOD and VELVET ELVIS which we are going to buy for everyone we know Donald Miller's BLUE LIKE JAZZ, which is a weirdly wonderful book, and finally SHANE CLAIBORNE, who established a New Monastic community in Philly, has JESUS FOR PRESIDENT which talks about how Christians should really be involved with politics ... and how most Christians are not involved with the right things politically, and ORDINARY RADICAL which is about being like Jesus. There's also a book by Brian McClarren, who I probably just mispelled his name.

Along with this we've also got Rob Bell's NOOMA series of videos and EVERYTHING IS SPIRITUAL.

So why do we have this? Why did we abandon most of the books we had before this trip for this new cast of literacy? Because we have become painfully aware of how our Christianity, while far from the normal acceptable Christianity was not where it could be. Readers should start seeing more about our new take on Hell, and what walking the way of Christ really should look like.

Yesterday was great spending time with Grandma and tomorrow most of the family is coming to make music for her.

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