Sunday, June 01, 2008

sensational gifts, sightings and setbacks

BOWIE, Md -- During our recent trip to Pottstown, PA to see Jeff and Ashley and Carter, we were gifted with an amazing gift from Jeff and Ashley - Jeff gave me his Nikon D100 kit. I couldn't ask for a better camera. I love the function on it and its a Nikon. I started taking some fantastic new photos while we were there, but we need to get a converter for the computer since the media card is a little different from the one we've been using.

We also added to our visual capabilities with the addition of a camcorder, so we will be diversely documenting our travels this summer.

Of course, everything can't be all rosy -- we had a terrific storm last night and it left us with a shattered windshield, a pickup that resembles a golf ball, and one of our bedroom windows smashed in. This is going to add a few extra chores before we head off for the summer, but with luck the extra time I built into the next few days will allow us to make it up so we can get out of town in time to see my cousin Ginger before they head back to Indonesia where they are working as missionaries.

As for the sightings, Liam has increased his range of characters - we bought him a leather pilots helmet and goggles and he has taken on the persona of Super Grover from Sesame Street. He's also taken to dressing as a cowboy - who knows who'll be riding with us across the country.

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Kat said...

No Red Baron from Peanuts yet? :)