Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Fisherman is born

CHATAHOOCHIE RIVER,  Alabama Bank, Ala. --- Brendan's Isle Blogging continues along its mobile journey tagging along with Liam on his first fishing venture.

Now, I believe the knowledge of fishing was not necessarily innate - though his lineage would suggest otherwise - but rather came from watching a Outdoor World video about how to cast. Ever since seeing it, he rushes into Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World, which generally feature 10 foot deep aquariums of local fish, and immediately looks for the nearest fishing pole. He has been intent to fish for months, so his Grandaddy took the opportunity to take him out on the boat today for a little angling. 

Now, you must remember that this is a 3 1/2 year old who has an extraordinary attention span, but fishing appeared a bit too Zin of an activity as he talked - constantly - from the time we got in the boat until we pulled back into the docks. He also created an imaginary world in which he caught a gaggle of fish, though he did not want to catch the shark (not really a threat this far up the Chatahoochie River). 

We had decided to let him take a swim before the afternoon showers started today, but alas, as I was getting us tied back to the dock, I kicked a nasty, rusty, protruding nail and tore a gash in my foot, so the late afternoon has become a great opportunity to kick my bandaged foot up in the air and let some stuff off the chest. My kudos go out to Heather who took a huge steep toward her future medical occupation by clipping torn bits of skin and digging out bits of foreign matter out of my bloody foot.

Pictures of the past few days are soon to appear as soon as we get some better reception and I'm able to get them to upload. 

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