Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are Here

BALTIMORE, Md --- Since our last post, we have journeyed from Baltimore, to Pottstown, Pa., to visit with Heather's brother Jeff, and sister-in-law Ashley, and our nephews Carter and Caleb. From there we traveled yesterday down the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the Bagley house, where Liam had his first sleep over with Ian, and finally today we came over the Bay Bridge back to Baltimore where we'll be for about 3 days with Danielle and Karen.

Tomorrow will determine where we will be in another week. I've got to go to our storage unit, which is several hours away, to see if I can find the documents we need to get across the border into Canada. If I find them, we head North. If we don't, we head South. Either way, I guess that will be worth blogging tomorrow.

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