Thursday, January 01, 2009

Post Holidays

Christmas was great with Heather's family and as we have bounced from Baltimore in the days before Christmas, to Dale's house on our way to Christmas eve services at Redeemer, though we never made it, since Dale and I were having such a great visit.

Since then, we have been holed up at Stacy's flat in Alexandria taking care of Mindy the parrot and practicing being domesticated.

It also occurred to us that we were suppose to be at a formal Victorian New Years Eve dinner at the home of Janesse and Steve in Baltimore last night, so a trip to the thrift store for some accessories for my kilt and to a costumer friends house for a dress for Heather and we were all set. Today, we've just relaxed with our friends on the Eastern Shore as the boys have got in some good play time.

From here, we are days away from heading to PA for a few days to visit Heather's brother, then we have to determine if we are heading to Canada or if we are going to have to head on down to NC to set up house, but for the mean time, here are a few picks from the past few weeks.

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