Friday, January 09, 2009

Breaking Down

I have entered a new phase of life ... I have submitted to establishing a Facebook account, realizing instantly that I must be the last person on Earth to have a Facebook since I have a flood of emails of people wanting to be my friend.
The questions remaining from this new endeavor are:
1. Is it a status symbol to have an exhorbantly high number of friends?
2. Are these true friends I can call on if I am in need?
3. Am I expected to be on Facebook at all times?

Also, as a bit of news, we are currently in Pennsylvania and are on our way to Canada for a certain someone's birthday celebration but don't mention it since it's a secret.

Also, I am several days past my 38th birthday and am happy to report a serious lack of heavily frosted cakes being shoved at me. If anyone is horribly scarred by not buying me a present, I'm in the market for a sturdy pimp cane which could support my limping body.


Kat said...

You are not alone in your aversion to facecbook. I have yet to create an account on there and don't forsee it happening anytime soon. Tried other similar sites and didn't get much out of them. Hopefully you will!

Happy Belated! Hmmm...can you swing through Sykesville on your way South, whenever that might be?

Keartine said...

I keep forgetting you have this blog, which is one good reason that you are on Facebook! Some answers, from my point of view. 1. I only add people I know or knew in real life. I do include people from HS that I haven't seen since 1998, because I am interested in seeing what they are doing in their lives. 2. My "true friends" are usually easy to contact via social networking. Or I can call or e-mail them. It's just one more way to communicate. 3. You don't have to be on Facebook at all times, as long as you accept the fact that some of us ARE! lol For the most part, I treat it like a combination of e-mail and instant messaging. Read or ignore the forwards and applications as you like, but try to respond to the actual messages and comments. : )