Friday, September 19, 2008

The Last Journey

BAY MINETTE, Ala. --- Just when we were settling into a visit with Heather's brother Jeff and family, including the new addition of Caleb, we got the call from home that my grandmother had slipped into a coma. Just a few hours later as we strolled down High Street in Pottstown, Pa., we got the news she had finally slipped away.

As we traveled the hours between there and here, I contemplated the journey Grandma had traveled on, and wondered how it is different from the one Kaitrina made just a few weeks ago. As I blasted Kila and listened to the beautiful lyrics about the mundane acts of life, and the wonder therein, I contemplated how I was going to explain this process to Liam. People make it simple by talking about Heaven, but that is a bit counter to my beliefs on death and the immediate afterlife. We've chosen not to discuss Kaitrina's absence, but as I'm preparing to go to the funeral home, I have to wonder how I can introduce a 3 year old to the idea of Sheol and death as the destination of this little journey of life.

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