Wednesday, September 10, 2008


SPERYVILLE, Va. --- Finally, after more than 24 hours on the last leg of our journey, we have arrived at home with Meaghan and Eddie.

Since leaving Yosemite, we made a mad dash across the midwest to Bloomington, Minn., to visit with our former pastor Tim and his family Cyd, Peter and Leif. It was great having an evening to be back together and share in the events of our lives since departing 3 years ago.

We pulled out early on Tuesday morning and arrived in the Shenandoah mountains a little after noon, and are looking forward to some quiet time of reflection and friendship before going on to Heather's family on Friday, and the Ren Faire this weekend. From there, its to our friend Karen's for a night, to Jeff and Ashley's for a week to see our new nephew Caleb, then back home to Meaghan and Eddie's until sometime in mid-November when we go nomadic again.

As a side note, Liam is making some mad progress with his new grasp, and our new focus, on Gaelige, so from all of us, "Tog e Go bog e!"


Kat said...

Try to find time to come see us somewhere in there too! Don't know when we'll get another chance?

Kate and Craig said...

Welcome home!

Cyd said...

It was so good to see all 3 of you and enjoy lots of conversation! Blessings until we're together again!
Cyd and Tim