Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Starbucks to Civil Rights Trail to Alabama Backwaters

BAY MINETTE, Ala. --- Sitting at around 2,380 miles thus far in our travels, we returned from Dad's to Mom's house today, leaving a bit earlier than we are all accustomed to waking up, as Daddy and Patricia were on their way to their property in Tennessee, but thank goodness for Starbucks, which offered a respite about one hour into the trip and some mega-strong coffee.

We had decided to take an alternate trip avoiding as much of the highways as possible, and wanted to go through Selma for some indoctrination into Civil Rights Movement history. We stopped at a nice park and memorial to the non-Irish Bloody Sunday of 1965 and the martyrs who were killed by the Alabama State Troopers of the day. We had a nice walk as we discussed the events of those volitale days ... until Liam announced, "I've got to poop!"

This was a much greater emergency than we were prepared for but he got to perch on a stage rail to do his business and was pretty delighted to do so. We also snagged a flower growing behind one of the memorials for Shane Claiborne, considering his grand appreciation for the great MLK. 

We then followed the back roads as it ran over the Alabama and Tombigbee rivers and finally to Spanish Fort, where I broke down and bought a pair of sandals. Not the easiest thing to find considering the change in foot structure from the accident.

I'm suffering the effects of a cold currently, while I am trying to start writing the essays for my "In the Beginning ..." series which will be ready to show around October. I've also started working on some whimsical drawings to go on t-shirts, starting with "Jazz-hand Jesus". It will be followed shortly by "Rockin' Rabboni" and  If it doesn't sound like a good idea, blame it on the nasal drip and stuffy head.

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