Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Date Day

 HWY 90 CAUSEWAY, Ala. --- Today was an absolutely perfect day that reminded me why I love my wife and wouldn't trade a minute of the 1,440 minutes a day we spend together for anything.

We started the morning at the break of day, getting up and going to visit with Grandma, who was having a great morning. We stayed there until after 9 visiting with her, then my Mother, God bless her soul, took Liam with her to work, giving us the day to go play. 

We headed to the Hobby Lobby in Daphne, Ala., to pick up more paper, since I am getting dangerously low as I am completing the First Week Series, and to find art supplies for the gaggle of kids at Cousin MJ's house. Though we had intended to go to Fairhope and eat at Panini Pete's, we diverted down the causeway to take pictures of the amazing clouds spread out painting the gulf waters with an impending storm front.

Its one of those amazing feelings of contentment. I looked across the expanse of sky, reveling in God's awesome creation and completely digging just having time to BE with Heather. There she was, glowing from gathering gifts for the kids, a beauty in jeans and clover green, the blue of her eyes popping despite the fact they were the same colour of the sky. And silly ole' me got so caught up in how much I love her, I completely forgot I was holding a camera. I guess I'll just have to keep that memory in my heart.

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