Thursday, March 27, 2008

Zechariah 2:1 – 14

My cup runneth over alludes to a measured, allotted amount and for the children of God their cup had long been half-full and topped off with the bitter results of their sins.

God had stretched out a measuring line against the sinful nature of Israel and had delivered an exacting punishment against that destructive nature. But, as with any loving father that wrath of punishment could not be sustained for long.

While the measuring line of judgment for sin had been exact, Zechariah saw a vision of a different measuring line being drawn out. This line was restoration – a call to the children to come home, the open arms of a father calling a child from a time of punishment and isolation, drawing them close and protecting them from their own rebelliousness.

There are elements of God’s nature I could never have imagined before becoming a father. I couldn’t imagine how much it would hurt to have to dole out discipline for transgressions, nor the joy of forgiveness afterward. I couldn’t have imagined wanting to give so much and never feeling like my gifts could measure up to the love I felt.

When God revealed his plan of restoration it was a call to his children to return to a New Jerusalem, filled up, shaken down and spilling over with humanity and provision. The messenger of that vision spoke with excitement at drawing out this immeasurable line over Jerusalem, calling all nations to be adopted into this family of God, and to partake of this outpouring of inheritance.

This messenger not only spoke of the coming restoration for the children of God but he also spoke of their position in the Kingdom – as the apple of God’s eye – a position at the focal point of God’s Love. For all of the wonders in the Universe, we are unexplainably, exclusively the center of God’s Love. May we cherish the Grace and Love of God as it pours out upon us and overflows.

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