Friday, June 05, 2009

On returning to the mountains

After an adventurous run down to Alabama to visit with the family for a Memorial Day gathering of Jacobson's, we have returned to our misty mountain hollow of a home, and a deep sigh as we get ready to head out again, but first ....

With Heather in school and needing to check into her online classes every day, it has become very important to find Starbucks, since they have about the easiest means of getting Wi-Fi when you're on the road, not to mention plenty of coffee to keep me happy. Being in the backwoods of Alabama's Gulf Coast, we weren't able to find any available signals for Wi-Fi in my mom's hometown, so we had to go about 30 minutes down the road to Daphne, Ala., which unfortunately put me in close proximity to bookstores and art supply stores, so I returned with plenty of books and bags of inks, markers, paper and an assortment of other things. Heather's school time also gave Liam and I plenty of chances to spend all day on the beach at Fairhope and even a great trip down to my old stomping grounds in Gulf Shores. We even packed along a couple of younger cousins for a great day on the most pristine white beaches in the world.

The trip to Gulf Shores also provided a great chance for us to go to LuLu's for lunch and let me just say, the oyster loaf and Gumbo were divine! Heather and Liam both had the Mahi Mahi and thank's to their meager sized stomachs, I was able to help them finish there courses as well.
Though I don' t have the time to go into it now, it was a grand trip and we have returned tanned and refreshed and ready for the next adventure.

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