Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Natural History Museum

A grand time was to be had by all as the Bell's and Bagley's tagged along behind the dynamic duo of Liam and Ian - like veritable Boondock Saints cutting a swarth through the resistant crowds of people, like Dirk and Al on the quest for buried treasure, so were the mini-explorers in there search for Dino bones and mammoth sea creatures.
After spending an extended amount of time in a minivan trying to find a parking place (for some reason everyone, their brother, and their cousin from out of town was in DC at the Smithsonians today), which on a positive note gave the boys a grand time to catch up and examine each other's explorer costumes, we arrive and wound our way through exibits of pre-historical life before getting a great show at the IMAX theater where we watched "DINOSAURS: MONSTERS OF PATEGONIA" in 3-D, which scared the daylights out of Liam. Not that I blame him since I dodge the frothy breath of carnivorous dino myself.
After such a great day, it was only fitting to top the trip into DC off with a late lunch at the Dubliner Irish Pub with a pint of Magner's Cider and a few pints of Guinness to wash down the fish and chips, smoked salmon and Shepherd's Pie and Guinness Burgers. And by the time we made our way back up D Street to Union Station to get the car, we were full and happy and looking forward to our next day together.
Tomorrow, we transendental travelers head for the great North of Pennsylvania for a quick over night at Jeff and Ashley's then off to the Eastern Shore.

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