Friday, December 05, 2008

Catching up news

BAY MINETTE, Ala. - Heather and I have been flowing with creativity since arriving in Alabama and made a recent trip to Ely's Fabric Warehouse on Springhill Ave., in Mobile, Ala. Rennies would drool over the possibilities for costumes that stand in spools everywhere, and with the exception of tartan, they have just about everything you can imagine.  We gathered some nice fabrics for two separate cloaks and a pirate costume for Liam.

I've been stripping down Harris and Donegal tweed sportcoats and turning them into argyll kilt jackets ... stay tuned for pictures soon. Heather is also nearing completion of my sweater. 

Tomorrow, we head to my dad's for a few days, before heading back here for my mom's birthday, then on to Tennessee to look at some possible places to land somewhat permanently.

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Barbara said...

Nice to read up on your news. Missed you at Scottish Walk!!! Sure was cold! Love from all of us.