Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting enough sleep

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- Liam has not been getting the best naps lately, with a few days of short naps because of Mother's Day and the musical Heather is working on.

Over the past two days he's been catching up a bit and yesterday after playing soccer all morning, taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon and going out for more play before a bath and bed ... he got caught up. This of course prompted him to wake up at 4:30 a.m. and come to our bed, where he proceeded to toss and turn for the next two hours until I finally had to get up with him.

So far this morning he's eaten breakfast, asked to watch Sesame Street four times, Jonah and the Big Fish 6 times and has been a pirate, complete with headscarf, and a bag piper complete with kilt, sporran and a chanter. I believe I now hear the sounds of a firefighter coming from his room. Maybe today will be good for a nap on the way to the Eastern Shore for Annie rehearsals.

We have 31 days before the Big Adventure begins, so I packed about eight boxes yesterday and am about to attack Liam's room and my closet before we head out for the day. At this rate we'll be living out of boxes in a couple of weeks, but the house will be ready for sale by the time we leave for vacation.

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