Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Catch up photos


Its been a tough time for remembering to take photos, since we got moved into our new house and I have been off from work with a recurance of the injuries from last fall. We do have the following shots of Liam at IKEA, and testing out some new kilt looks, as well as a couple of shots of Heather and myself at Annapolis for a friend's wedding.
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Rebecca said...

I am sooo going to link to you! Let's see, what do we have in common? My 2 year old is named Liam, my husband and I are in law enforcement and we are devout Christians. I am so happy I found you!!!!!! I am linking to you under "Homies"

Rebecca said...

Oh, and we have the same blog layout, my husband was a Marine and we are full on Irish. Yay!