Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Photos coming soon

Hello to all of our regular viewers, and sorry to those protesting about our lack of updates lately.
For those out of the know, we took a train trip from D.C. to New Orleans, met with the Richardsons, close friends from our Oorah Marine Corps days at Parris Island, had coffee and bennaes? or however you spell donut in French, at Cafe De Monde, walked around some ghostly graveyards, before mom came to pick us up and whisk us back to Alabama.
Its been a great trip and we have extended it to the 23rd so we could catch up with some cousins in from Houston and another cousin on her way to Indonesia for the next 6 years to be a missionary.
Liam has had his first boat ride and went swimming in Lake Martin where his grandpa just boat a place for them to go fishing.
I'll have lots of pictures up by next Friday, in time for Liam's first day at MDRF, but unfortunately, I can't get a link on my computer so I can't get the pictures online until we get back home.
See all of you soon, and with school ending August 25, I'll have more time to write, until the next semester starts in September.

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